Why the middle class people stay middle class

I always wondered why middle-class people are always struggling & staying as middle class. How come rich people always growing rich.

I wanted to be rich & always trying to understand what is causing me to stay as middle class even though I used to spend a lot of time understanding/grow as rich.

Let me share two examples that I have invested & observed in the last two years.

  1. Most of my investments in the form of Gold & few in Stocks & mutual funds.
D-Mart IPO500.8%

Believe me, D-mark IPO gave me around 500% of profitability vs Gold gave me around 21%.

In other words, In the same phase of growth, I need to wait around 23 years to reach 500% through Gold investment.

After having various discussions with colleagues & family members. I believe the following way of thinking is the drawback & need a quick swift.

  1. Think profitability in a percentage format.
  2. Years of investment is the most important factor for all the investments.
  3. Last but not least LEARN, LEARN & LEARN.
  4. Don’t Investment money in lifestyle change.
  5. Don’t forget to learn & read more, Generally, that is getting stopped after started a career.

I will revisit a year later & will post my findings.