Why I have invested in parag parikh long term equity fund

I think Alphabet is gonna have another rally ๐Ÿƒin the medium term.

The recent acquisition FitBit would help google to get a decent amount of space in wearing device & also Alphabet investing a lot of money in other dream projects without profitability.

The recent Leadership change, Sundar Pichai as the CEO of Alphabet. Will make a drastic change in fund allocation.

As far as my understanding, Sundar Pichai is the person who runs based on the statistics & not only in the futuristics.

Parag Parikh Long term Equity fund is having great exposure in Alphabet & Facebook which will essentially will help this fund to grow in 3 years period.

Also, Hero Motor Corp & Mphasis Ltd will have its own rally in 2020.

Expecting around 45% of growing in 2022.