Thank you 2019 for the providing great experience

When I sit back to recall 2019 incidents, I am glad & luckiest person to have a wonderful opportunity to learn with various ups & downs throw out 2019.

I would like to share the major incidents that I can recall now.

In May, We had an Uptime service release, This is one of the smoothest release that happened without even notice of a single customer.

In June, We successfully completed the Jira dashboard & demonstrated to all the Acquia’s & Accion’s leaders.

In Aug, One of my admired leader has left the organization that creates a huge impact on the team’s growth.

Fortunate & Unfortunate, It created a room for us to sell ourself’s across the organization. & the new service release was blocked by the re-org.

We should always use the gap to Grow further

We couldn’t be able to release the new service for more than a quarter due to various team’s involvements. But we learned the release process & their aspects.

In Aug, I have seen real growth by investing in Axis Bluechip fund on a long term basis.

By the end of the Year, I feel, My confidence level has been increased.

Thank you 2019 🙏 for the wonderful experience.