Axis Bluechip Fund

I have been following this fund very closely for more than 18 months. I really liked the way they managed this fund hence its being actively managed.

The first point, i would like to talk about the way they are managing their portfolio.

I have seen the portfolio changes more often. that shows they haven’t hesitated to change their decision in-terms of adding / removing stocks based on the performance. You can see the recent changes here

The second point, which i would like to talk about the stock picking.

They have picked the golden stocks, that have been performing very well for more than a decade due to the quality of management & the business. It diversified into multiple sector but with limited stock picks.

The Third point, Which i would like to talk about the historical performance.

It generated 76% of profit in the last 3 years. thats simply fabulous.

The Fourth point, i would like to talk about the ratings.

CRISIL, MorningStar & Value Research maintaining 5 star rating for more than 3 quarters.

Finally, Fund have been managing ~ 10211 Cr with the expense ratio of 0.64%.

Find the recent interview of Shreyash Devalkar who is the fund manager of Axis Bluechip fund.

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