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Portfolio of Axis Midcap Fund – Dec 2019

I have been huge fan of Axis midcap fund from the day i came to know about the portfolio. I strongly believe the World is moving towards localization, By looking at the recently incidents that All the countries are started focusing on providing Jobs, manufacturing, pharmacy. its very important to look at the domestic business. […]

Axis Bluechip Fund

I have been following this fund very closely for more than 18 months. I really liked the way they managed this fund hence its being actively managed. The first point, i would like to talk about the way they are managing their portfolio. I have seen the portfolio changes more often. that shows they haven’t […]

Portfolio changes of Axis Bluechip Fund – Dec 2019

We found an large number of positive flow in Dec 2019 which helped fund manager to accumulate number of stocks while comparing it with Nov vs Dec 2019. Here is the article, To know more about the fund & performance. We found that the fund has completely exited from Mahendra & Mahendra Limited Slightly Reduced […]

Why I have invested in parag parikh long term equity fund

I think Alphabet is gonna have another rally ๐Ÿƒin the medium term. The recent acquisition FitBit would help google to get a decent amount of space in wearing device & also Alphabet investing a lot of money in other dream projects without profitability. The recent Leadership change, Sundar Pichai as the CEO of Alphabet. Will […]

Debt is the trap for the middle class

I believe, the Debt culture is the biggest trap for the middle-class people. Think about the assets that we are generally buying with a credit card, personal & home loan. Home appliances are one of the major beneficiaries of credit card usage. We are spending around 90% of the money through credit card to purchase […]

Why the middle class people stay middle class

I always wondered why middle-class people are always struggling & staying as middle class. How come rich people always growing rich. I wanted to be rich & always trying to understand what is causing me to stay as middle class even though I used to spend a lot of time understanding/grow as rich. Let me […]